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June 17-18, 2016 at BAX / Brooklyn Arts Exchange

Building A Better Fishtrap’s second major installment is a solo meditation on the practice of remembering. 

Choreographer and performer Paloma McGregor navigates and transforms a series of worlds, encouraging the audience to consider how memory inhabits us and what we can reclaim in the witnessing. The work – which occupied a studio, theater, stairwell and rooftop – was crafted in collaboration with visual artist Sara Jimenez, installation designer Vassi Spanos and sound designer Everett Saunders.

This iteration was developed during McGregor’s two-year artist residency at BAX (2014-16) and further supported by a residency at NYU’s Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics (2013-15).

Creative Team

Conceived, created, and performed by Paloma McGregor in collaboration with:

Installation Designer: Vassi Spanos • Designer: Sara Jimenez •Sound Designer: Everett Saunders • Video Design: Rosa Navarette • Lighting Designer: Emma Rivera • Creative Collaborator: Ebony Noelle Golden • Technical Direction: Emma Rivera • Production Stage Manager: Courtney M. Escoyne • Stage Manager: Teri-Ann Carryl • Production Assistants: Sienna Fekete, Jessica Lee, Ezra Goh • Performance Guides: Jaimé Dzandu, Stephanie Mas (Saturday only), Ni’Ja Whitson (Friday only) • Video Recordings by: Ebony Noelle Golden and Amara Tabor-Smith

Vassi Spanos (Installation Designer) is delighted to be in collaboration with Paloma McGregor on Building a Better Fishtrap/Phase 2 at BAX. Vassi holds a BA from UC Berkeley and an MS from Pratt. In addition to her work in installation and production design, she is an art historian and international museum specialist.

Special thanks to Tiffany Brown, Brittany Williams, Marya and the incredibly supportive BAX family, my fellow BAX AIRS, Materials for the Arts, Patricia McGregor, Angela McGregor, Oscar McGregor, Marjani Forte, Nia Love, Jawole Zollar, Janis Matthews, Jessica Lee, Kofi Young-Spivey, Olamina, and all my collaborators who helped bring this vision to life.

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