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Building Vital and Enduring Connections

Angela's Pulse nurtures innovation, collaboration, and community-building through our performance platforms, facilitation consultancy, and leadership development programs.

We center Black stories, spaces, and people as a liberatory practice for all those we engage with -- across generation, geography, race, and culture. We are an incubator, a womb space for visions to grow. We value circularity, iteration, and emergence in all we do, as resistance to the linearity of racist-capitalist patriarchy.


We believe in dialog and experimentation as both means and end. We center the authentic over the predetermined. We allow for trust and growth to develop as a result of spending time, challenging assumptions and inherited notions, digging in and working from joy.

    WE ARE:    

Angela's Pulse has spent more than a decade nurturing communities through short-term engagements and longer-term partnerships. We convene and facilitate interdisciplinary communities across generations and geography, in order to develop rich, relevant artistic work. Our embodied methodologies for collaboration -- including reading, writing, story-telling, drawing, and dancing -- create vital and enduring connections between people, places, and visions.

Image credits: Ebony Noelle Golden and Sydnie L. Mosley ('15-'16 DWB Fellow) share a moment of pure joy surrounded by a circle of Dancing While Black community members at Dancing While Black: This Body Knows Freedom - Story Circles on Organizing toward Vision in an Age of Resistance at NYU's Hemispheric Institute in November 2017. Image by Whitney Browne Photography

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