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Meet Paloma McGregor

Paloma McGregor (She/Her)

Executive Artistic Director + Co-Founder

Paloma McGregor (Founder, Angela’s Pulse) is a Caribbean-born, New York-based choreographer who makes Black work with Black folks for Black space. A former newspaper reporter, she combines a choreographer’s craft, a journalist’s urgency, and an anti-racist organizer’s framework to activate creative communities and shepherd collaborative visioning.


Working at the growing edge of her field, McGregor received a 2020 Soros Arts Fellowship for her choreographic work and has been an inaugural recipient of several major awards for her art-making and organizing, including: Mosaic Network & Fund (2020); Dance/USA’s Fellowship to Artists (2019); Urban Bush Women’s Choreographic Center Institute Fellowship (2018); and Surdna Foundation’s Artists Engaging in Social Change (2015). In 2017, she won a “Bessie” Award for performance with the skeleton architecture, a collective of Black women(+) improvisers. Paloma is currently an artist in residence at BAAD! The Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance as a recipient of the Artist Employment Program of Creatives Rebuild New York. 


In addition to her art-making, McGregor has spent more than a decade investing in the leadership of other Black dance artists through Dancing While Black (DWB), which she founded in 2012 as a platform for community-building, intergenerational exchange,  and visibility among Black dance artists whose work, like hers, doesn’t fit neatly into boxes. She does all this work as the founder of Angela’s Pulse, which cultivates art-making as a means of community-building, activating vision and illuminating bold stories.

McGregor is currently developing A’we deh ya, a multi-year, interdisciplinary performance project that activates a choreographic call-and-response between the US mainland and her homeland, St. Croix, a current US colony at the frontlines of climate emergency. The first iteration, a dance film, has been screened at film festivals in the US and internationally and won Best Screendance Film Award at the 2022 Denton Black Film Festival. A'we is the latest iteration of her project Building a Better Fishtrap, rooted in her father’s vanishing fishing tradition and three animating questions she’s asked since leaving her ancestral home: What do you take with you? Leave behind? Return to reclaim? 

Simons Foundation & Gibney Open Interval Resident Artist

2023 - 2024

Denton Black Film Festival - Best Screendance Film for A’we deh ya (All of us are here) Sketch 321 - Salt/Cane/Womb


Creatives Rebuild New York


NEFA National Dance Project for Building a Better Fishtrap/A’we deh ya


Interviews and Press
Her Fishtrap: A Poetic Reflection on Paloma McGregor's Building a Better Fishtrap at Brooklyn Arts Exchange by Ni’Ja Whitson

Winter/Spring 2017

CQ Vol. 42.1

Reclamation Is an Imperative: Paloma McGregor and Damian Griffin Interviewed

June 21, 2018

Bomb Magazine

Remembering Blondell Cummings

December 18, 2021

Pillow Voices: Dancing Through Time

How We Build: Holly Bass, Deneane Richburg, and Paloma McGregor

October 13, 2020

Dance USA

Reflection and Refraction on the Bronx River

June 20, 2018

NY Times

Writings by Paloma
On Making My Way to the Middle

December 20, 2017

Urban Bush Women Center

Why I Dance

August 10, 2011

Dance Magazine

Image credits: Paloma McGregor in A’we deh ya at Loophole of Retreat as part of the 2022 Venice Biennale, Italy Image by Glorija | Paloma McGregor headshot. Image by Melisa Cardona.

Interview and Press image credits:

Paloma Mcgregor in Building a Better Fishtrap/Phase 2 at Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX) June 2016 Image by Whitney Browne Photography

Paloma McGregor in Building a Better Fishtrap at No Longer Empty Performance Lab January 2015 Image by Whitney Browne Photography

Image Credit: Paloma McGregor at Concrete Plant Park, August 16, 2013. Photo by Charles R. Berenguer Jr.

Christine King and Erica Saucedo in Building a Better Fishtrap/From the River's Mouth at Starlight park, The Bronx River, 2018 Image by Erik Carter

Pillow Voices: Dancing Through Time logo

Writings by Paloma image credits:

Paloma McGregor in Building a Better Fishtrap at No Longer Empty Performance Lab January 2015 Image by Whitney Browne Photography

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