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An iterative performance project rooted in the vanishing fishing tradition of choreographer Paloma McGregor's father.

What do you take with you? Leave behind? Return to reclaim?

Fishtrap - Paloma on Pylons .jpg

I will never know what it would be like to go fishing with my father.

I will never sit with him at the calm waters of Gallows Bay, slowly crafting each trap. Nor do I have any of the last set of traps he built before his hands, now feeling this dry earth for 92 years, got too shaky.

But I do have this kaleidoscope of memories –

some experienced, some passed down, some imagined.


From this, I will have to build my own Fishtraps…

I doubt they will be better than his, but they will be mine.


- Paloma McGregor


Building a Better Fishtrap - Part 1

Fishtrap - from the River's edge.jpg

Building a Better Fishtrap - from the river's mouth

Fishtrap - Phase 2.jpg

Building a Better Fishtrap - Phase 2

A'we deh ya.jpg

Building a Better Fishtrap - A'we deh ya

Video credit: A'we deh ya performed by Paloma McGregor as part of the Dunham Legacy Project at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival on July 29, 2023. Video courtesy of Jacob’s Pillow.

Image credits: Paloma McGregor at Concrete Plant Park, August 16, 2013. Photo by Charles R. Berenguer Jr.

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