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• Dancing While Black Fellow

Tiffany Merritt-Brown


Tiffany Merritt-Brown

Tiffany Merritt-Brown, a native of Miami, Florida, is a choreographer, performer, scholar, and educator. She holds a B.F.A. in Dance from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an M.F.A. in Dance & Social Justice from the University of Texas-Austin. As a daughter of the Atlantic and the Caribbean Ocean, Tiffany engages in scholarly and choreographic research that critically explores the socio-political ramifications of identity and its impact on BIPOC communities. She uses dance as a conduit to re-imagine and re-envision Black futures from a Millennial perspective. Her work is rooted in harnessing Black Feminist Epistemologies, the Black Radical Imagination, memory, multimedia, fashion, and pop culture to envision a new present reality that can be applied in the immediacy of now. Described by Isthmus Magazine as "a coolly elegant performer and choreographer that reveals keen intelligence and maturity," Tiffany has presented her work internationally and nationally at the Linebreaks Festival, the American College Dance Association Conferences, the Detroit Dance City Festival, Jacob's Pillow, the Woodshed Dance Platform, the Cohen New Works Festival, Dougherty Arts Center, Arts on Site, CADD (Collegium for African Diaspora Dance) and internationally at the WDA-A (World Dance Alliance-Americas Conference) in Puebla, Mexico and Tanara Public School in Chepo, Panama. She is an alumna of the Jacob’s Pillow Ann & Weston Hicks Choreographers Fellows Program and a co-founder of the Florida Black Dance Artists Organization.

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