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• Dancing While Black Fellow

Nyla Adina Murray


Nyla Adina Murray

Nyla Adina is 25 years young with over 10 years experience performing, creating and educating. Growing up in Maryland, Nyla had limited resources, so she pulled a lot of information from television, youtube, community dance troupes and her family. Soon, she began attending performing arts institutions, majoring in dance. During high school, she worked with musical artist, OSHUN, as a choreographer and performer in their music videos; “Stay Woke” and “Protect Yourself”. Then, she graduated from the University of the Arts in May of 2020 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance. There she met and worked with amazing black artists, such as: Marguerite Hemmings, Juel D Lane, Sidra Bell, Shayla Vie Jenkins and Nora Chipaumire. Her performance and choreographic style specialize in House, Hip Hop, West African, Vogue and Twerk. Currently, Nyla is signed to Clear Talent Group, a talent agency based in NYC where she is represented for dance. She is currently based in New York and Philadelphia.

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