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• Dancing While Black Fellow

Aleta Brown


Aleta Brown

Aleta Brown is an educator and movement artist who believes that creativity is an essential component of liberation. With roots in Texas, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, New York, and England, Aleta currently resides and works in the Bronx. Their work explores the intersections of migration, identity, and healing through mapping family stories. Aleta's artistic journey has been enriched by their participation in black/water immersions with Ebony Noelle Golden, Urban Bush Women’s SLI, and Alethea Pace’s current work, Listening: with Drake Park. Aleta has performed at venues including Dixon Place and BronxArt Space in NYC. Beyond the stage, they have produced shows at Lincoln Center, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Cathedral St. John the Divine. Beyond art making and teaching, they've shared healing-centered education research at NYU, Stanford University, Women United Against Genocide, and the NYC DOE.

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