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Fishtrap Method Workshop

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Start Time:


October 16, 2020

1:00 PM


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End Time:

October 16, 2020

3:00 PM

Fishtrap Method Workshop




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About the Event

The Movement Lab at Barnard College

As artist in residence at The Movement Lab at Barnard College, Angela's Pulse offers a workshop on the Fishtrap Method.

Paloma McGregor, co-founder and artistic director of Angela's Pulse, leads us in an interactive workshop rooted in story-telling and building community. Come prepared to write, move, remember, listen and feel. The Fishtrap Method is a collaborative creative process developed by McGregor as part of her decade-long exploration of her father's vanishing fishing tradition and three driving questions that emerged after she left her ancestral home, St. Croix: What do we take with us? Leave behind? Return to Reclaim?

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