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CU Boulder's [un]WRAP: (un)doing and (re)making

Start Date:

Start Time:


November 13, 2020

7:30 PM


End Date:

End Time:

November 19, 2020

11:00 PM

CU Boulder's [un]WRAP: (un)doing and (re)making




About the Event

Featuring an excerpt of Building a Better Fishtrap / from the river's mouth

Featuring Works by: Angela's Pulse Collaborator MK Abadoo, DWB Community Member jumatatu m poe, randy edward reyes, Bill Shannon, Amy Smith, Dom-Sebastian Alexis, Millicent Marie Johnnie AND an excerpt of Paloma McGregor's Building a Better Fishtrap / from the river's mouth

In (un)doing and (re)making, CU faculty and students join a radical re-imagining necessitated by the strain of the global pandemic. Inspired by the international conversation currently unfolding about inequity in dance, this year’s [un]WRAP investigates the ways the form is both surviving and striving to (re)assemble itself.

Featuring symposiums with the subject’s thought leaders and a streamed, virtual performance by artists who are inventing ways forward, audiences are invited to lean in, engage, and lay the foundation for what’s to come.

Artist(s) Involved

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