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A'we deh ya ("All of us are here")

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December 3, 2021



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December 3, 2021


A'we deh ya ("All of us are here")




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Virtual Private Showing

The call and response of A'we deh ya ("All of us are here") continues this year through a monthly virtual Study Group and creative process sessions with a dozen collaborators, June - October.

Together, we've discussed the impacts of industry on St. Croix and the Bronx River, hosted guest culture bearers and activists and envisioned ways to animate our undertold liberation technologies. Building upon our creative process from November 2020, our Study Group structure is a prototype for the next three years of the project’s development.

To culminate this year's process, we are creating series of short dance films, which will be used to develop installation-based performance and a digital curriculum.

We will share some of these films in a private showing to select guests in December, with support from Soros Arts Fellowship, Movement Research and the Movement Lab at Barnard College.

Stay tuned for glimpses into the process!

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