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Project Manager

Sesheta Tanya Holder


Sesheta Tanya Holder

Sesheta Tanya Holder is a master weaver and artist. She weaves her varied experience to help organizations and Individuals to be great. With decades of non-profit experience, Sesheta is committed to bringing tangible change to communities through centering social justice and somatic care practices rooted in ancestral and spiritual work. In addition to her role as the Project Manager for Angela’s Pulse, she works as Justice & Equity Consultant for R&L Consulting. Also, through her company, Sesheta Weaves LLC, Sesheta uses many tools to help her clients on their healing journey, focusing on the use of Astrology, Reiki-infused Sound healing and wearable art. A modern day medicine woman, she works towards the collective mission of making the world a better place.

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